BOM and logistics

In CIM List the total logistics of the steel construction project is managed. Managing logistics has become more and more important in today’s extremely competitive times. Getting the right piece on the right time at the right place is an absolute necessity but also a big challenge. Typical for the steel construction industry is working with projects, assembly phases and transports. Each of these phases has to be organised according to time and parts. In Scia Steel Manager this happens efficiently and is at all times observable and changeable. Links with CAD-systems are provided for efficient data exchange. Another important part in logistics is treatment. Per project, subproject and assembly a treatment can be defined. This offers the possibility to organise the process entirely according to time and place. Finally, the transportation from one location to the other. Internal logistics and dispatch are provided and can be observed. All material that has to be dispatched is assigned to the required means of transportation. Management of trucks and other means of transportation are provided.

The  “Bill Of Material” includes all data that have to be realised within the steel construction project. Two important B.O.M. are supported:

List of material

A list of required material, used for ordering material before the production drawings are finishe d. This list usually has a temporary and partial character as during the drawing process and the progress of the project modifications will occur.

Part list

The part list is the B.O.M. based on assembly and production drawings. This list includes all parts that need to be delivered for this project:

  • assembly drawings
  • positions (profiles, plates or other elements that are free to determine)
  • assembly bolts
  • workshop bolts
  • various

The actual consumption of material is based on this list. As a project is not static factor, a revision-management-system is provided in this part list, resulting in a registration of all modifications. Later on, these revision reports are used when billing the customer. In one project both lists can be compared at all times.

With Crystal Report© or Microsoft Reporting Services ©, powerful instruments for generating any kind of report, your company reports are entirely drawn up according to your wishes. Moreover, the customer has the possibility to modify the content of these reports. It is also possible to calculate weights and paint surfaces according to various degrees of accuracy and calculation methods, in this way the invoicing can be effected according to the stipulations of the contract. The following standard reports are provided:

  • list of assembly drawings
  • plate list
  • profile list
  • sawing list
  • purchase list
  • phase list
  • dispatching list
  • preservation list
  • settling list
  • calculation list


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