From the data issued by the drawings coming from any CAD system, the Steel Manager solution will be able to retrieve all the necessary informations for the execution of any kind of steel structure project : residential, shopping malls, power plants, offshore platforms, transmission towers, PEB structure, tanks, bridges, stadiums…

The Steel Manager system is able to manage the data for a complete automated fabrication process, setup along with the customer’s specificities (CNC machines, solutions used…) :

  • Routing of all actions through your workshop extended with time estimations, reporting and full traceability
  • Return of informations and project progress management on 3D model
  • Complete material management solution : bar and plate nesting, stock control and procurement
  • Complete control of all your different CNC machines (no brand restriction)
  • Complete control of your deliveries, shipping lists, transport resources
  • Complete welding quality information and inspection system, including CE EN1090 norms
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