Flexibility and Quality in Steel Fabrication at Brafer with integrated manufacturing management software

Brafer started in Parana state in 1976 and succeeded a continuous expansion with 2 factories today (one in Araucaria and one in Rio de Janeiro) and offices all over Brazil. With over 1,000 employees Brafer is delivering 30.000 ton of steel structures in South America to a variety of market segments, from buildings, over stadiums, industrial plants (on- and offshore), mining, paper-mills, warehouses, malls, towers and oil / gas installations. Brafer

After the start of the 2nd factory in Rio, the Brafer management addressed the organizational pains it was experiencing daily: several different CAD systems in-house and by suppliers delivered steel fabrication details, to name a few: Tekla Structures, Strucad, Tecnometal and AutoCAD. Pasquale S. Garofani Tsingos (Technical directo r) expressed: “the large variety of structures, the multitude of manufacturing operations (including 25 CNC machines) and our spread over 2 factories forced us to rethink our logistics”. Several standalone applications were in use to manage machinery and drive manufacturing (incl. welding), our stock became expensively large causing issues in costs and efficiency.

Brafer did a global search on integrated solutions to fundamentally change its IT support within the 2 factories. Visits to fabricators in Europe proved that an integrated approach, in which all aspects of manufacturing are managed, is possible if one has the courage to replace all “island” solutions with a common database architecture.

The software Steel Manager was chosen in 2009 after a period of intensive study and consultancy, it was implemented and extended since then.